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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. now abc 2news at 11. >> blood on a door, the sign that something bad is behind it. police call it a barricade situation, wait it out, barge in and find nobody. there is more to the story though. so what led police to this house on green spring? abc 2news cheryl connor. >> reporter: two crime scenes, 12 hours apart, a state correctional officer is dead and nobody is in custody the neighborhood off green spring was taken over by a swat team
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and hostage negotiators. >> everything was -- black door, evacuated, they leave out everything. >> reporter: police thought a man who was identitied as a person of interest in a homicide had barricaded himself in the victim's home. streets were blocked off for about three hours sunday evening. >> when homicide detectives came they saw some blood on the door and then had reason to believe the individual was inside and at that point they contacted swat. >> reporter: the team went in and found nobody inside. neighbors say the 28-year-old correctional officer was married. police have contacted her husband. he is not the person of interest. around 3:45 sunday morning police found jones dead from a single gun shot wound to the upper body in her friend's. police say she knew the
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assailant but they won't say how. jones was the mother of a 5- year-old. >> she has no mother now. >> we now know the name of the 19-year-old shot and killed yesterday. carlton seligmann was shot and killed and the shoot is under investigation. a man under arrest in the murder of a man who was found in a box alongside interstate 70. we are still waiting for police to tell us more like a motive. all we know is the 34-year-old is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of the man. how horrible this is story. it start was a boyfriend girlfriend fight, cops say the boy stormed off with the daughter and he wouldn't pull over. he drove down the wrong side of the road and he hit an suv.
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inside that suv a 46-year-old killed in the crash. >> cost somebody life and injured his child and himself. you know everybody in this situation is hurting. >> reporter: the collision happened yesterday afternoon on the cherry hill road in silver spring. no word on the cause of a three alarm fire that was brought under control around 7. one person had to go to the hospital with burns. the fire did damage to a hair design store and a bistro. >> it was a nice day today. we got sun out there and you know that will continue even as we go into tomorrow. before we get the sun we will have patchy fog when you wake up tomorrow morning. the radar is dry. you won't have to worry about the umbrella. keep it around because you will need it as we go into the
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middle part of the week. satellite and radar. we have clouds trying to move in. ly call it partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in to the overnighttime frame and with the overnight time frame temperatures not to bad. with the cloud cover temperatures will be above average. right now at 49 degrees, dc50. 45 winchester. york 46 and 45 wilmington, dover at 49 and easton 46. here is the temperature. 43 degrees, partly cloudy and not as cold. you are going to need to stick around for the forecast, and the travel forecast. let's get back to jamie. >> you can't wait to see the folks wednesday night. you put them all into a carry onto not be charged. here is more. to add to your stress you will run into a grass roots protest that wants to make a point over
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the tsa screeners. james is part of this movement that is lighting up the internet supporting national opt out day urging travelers to slow down lines by refusing body scans and forcing screeners to do more time consumer physical inspections. >> don't want people to be inconveniences but i don't want them to be assaulted. >> the president said he is asking tsa to look at its methods saying we should remember the underwear bomber as to what could happen if we let our guard down. it's 1:00 in charlotte. you are thinking the house will be cleared out with the ravens wins. what will you do with that leftover crab soup? >> reporter: joe firing one deep. 56 yards, didn't this remind
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you of the pass in the super bowl? 7-0. then it went south. this wasn't the play. it was supposed to be a fake and then a possible reverse. ravens turn it over but near the end of the half they put it in with ray rice. we go to the locker room. second half, brian saint pierre. fires the 88-yard touchdown. now we have a game. 20-13. here is pierre changing diapers last week and suddenly he has to change his own when ed saint reed steps in. the baltimore ravens fans. they were down here in charlotte. yeah, ed, to land re, cashing in for six. ravens go ahead 30-13. then one more time, here is -- six more. finally the ravens box this one up and win 37-13 to go 7-3 on
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the year. they will come back home sunday against the buccaneers. >> win on the road proving he can't have his cake and tv show to but he is still cooking but food network cameras won't follow goldman as he decorates his cakes. the network confirmed it canceled its ace of cakes show filmed here at the charm city cakes and the final season will start airing in january. all right. 9:15, i yell across the newsroom, what is this story about? trust me on this, i know you want to go to bed but just last a little longer because this story is what you will be talking about at work tomorrow. unbelievable. listen if you can get online you can have your holiday shopping over by the end of the newscast. find out how the computer is taking over santa's job. . >> and we were 39 this morning and 53 by the afternoon.
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we are pretty seasonal but won't be into tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s and warmer as we head into tuesday. seven day forecast coming up.
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. your kid decided to ditch their beds and rooms to make a statement this weekend. students from a university, the university of maryland baltimore and others all camped outside to show their support for the homeless. before the sleep out they had a panel discussion. it was held to help raise awareness about the issue. nothing better than seeing this. children adopted into loving home and we were invited. you are looking at the final adoption of ten children and. they have adopted five girls, two of them require intense medical attention. one needs blood transfusions every three weeks, another has heart failure. >> because now our daughters
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have a family. they had no family in china. >> 40 children were adopted,. all right. invade your teen's room tonight. are you looking for the normal stuff like beer, pot, head phones. just when we think we are a step ahead it may be another high they are trying. the story you better hear loud and clear. >> reporter: it's crazy stuff. they call it i-dosing. while it doesn't involve real drugs kids still think they can get the same feeling just by down loading beats the internet. experts aren't convinced, not yet. they think it's probably more hype than high. you have had worries about out of control keg parties and worried about weed but it seems some these days ditching the familiar vices and going more high tech for their high.
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>> it's very similar to feeding for the ears. >> reporter: i-dosing. a new fad that has kids down loading music made from droning. >> it's designed to work through sound tracks that are engineered to have slightly different frequenties between the right and the left ear. >> reporter: you will find clips on youtube with kids turning up the volume to get the digital high claiming they can feel the same rush as real drugs. 30 minutes of pure excitement said one. at said i'm hooked . are they just hooked on hype? one official has studied brain and said it's unlikely they could get a legit reaction. >> it could produce a state of
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enjoyment, a high may be the power of suggestion. >> reporter: she said it probably won't cause physical harm than any music but said it should sound alarms for parents because it may be a sign your kid is testing the waters for another kind of trip. >> they are hoping to get a certain effect and don't get it from i-doses maybe they would try something more dangerous. more dangerous. as far as real physical dangers the doctor said for a small group of people this kind of music could cause a seizure but it's unlikely. she said it could be a gateway to drug use so parents need to talk to kids and watch what they are down loading . >>
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>> make sure you join us tomorrow night at 11:00 where we look at the dna of a gun. by the time someone has committed a gun crime or illegal gun has been found its been passed through many hands. we have the look at how the gun is traced, that is tomorrow night at 11:00. hope you watch us. a church may be the last place you expect to find a collection of guns but a buy back program happened right here on the city's westside on saturday. its been hosted for a few years collecting over 200 guns. people have found them in yards from suspected drug dealers and dropping them off at the church seems like a safe place. >> we now its not the hardened criminals turning them in but still these are guns that -- these are guns that could be used and bought in crimes and are used in violent crimes.
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>> people turning in the guns got up to $100 from the catholic review. police destroy them and if you miss the drop off you can still turn one in. >> now the radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> how about that i-dosing? >> it's crazy. >> unbelievable. >> wow. >> what you are going to tell me -- i won't go crazy about the weather. >> are you sure? do i have to move away from you? >> do you see the moon tonight? >> big. beautiful. >> thank you. >> my teacher. >> big. beautiful. >> the weather was beautiful today as well. >> thank you. >> i think you will be like josie and like the weather tomorrow. >> all right. >> 66 on tuesday. maybe a few showers. cold air, okay. it's all moving in. let me show you. he isn't happy with me i can tell. temperature right now coming in at 49 degrees and we have a wind out of the east right now
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at 5 miles an hour. that pressure at 30.40 and rising. you can see the weather pattern here. i will break it down for you. we could see colder air. 45 degrees into new york. you see the blues. then look around the area, 49 degrees right now. we start to see the yellows back toward the south and west here and that will becoming into our area into tomorrow and tuesday. as we take you further to the west you can see that cold front, behind that you are seeing the blues again. that's where we will start to see another cooldown. we will have another front come in and that's when it will bring in the really cold area cross the area. the highs today came in at 54 degrees into the inner harbor. it's seasonal because we should be around 54 degrees. 52 into york pennsylvania. 57 frederick. 58 winchester.
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culpepper the winner of the highest temperature. . your neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow, 61 degrees, we can see patchy fog to start the day but as the day goes on we will start to see more sun in the forecast. partly cloudy, even into parkville that temperature around 60 degrees. the 60s holding on like that button after the dinner that wants to pop off. satellite and radar not looking bad but we have clouds trying to stream in. once again partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. what do the clouds mean? that means we aren't going to drop them off to much as it would under a clear sky. we zoom out, there is that cold front that. will bring cooler air in as we go into many and we have mild air that will try to move in. high pressure into new england, will push off into the
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atlantic. a southerly flow. a milder wind as we go into tomorrow and even the next day. future forecast not picking up on a lot until we head into tuesday evening. maybe the rush hour, maybe a sprinkle or two and then into about 8:00, 9:00 we could see showers in the forecast. that's possible. you might want to break out the rain gear. even if you don't use it tuesday you could use it thursday. we have that break for wednesday, the biggest travel day of the year will be dry. i can do one of those for right now i guess. 61 degrees morning fog, then partly cloudy and mildn. to tomorrow night the temperature around 45 degrees. we have cloud cover out there so the temperatures not dropping off like a rock. its going to be on the cool siden. to the seven day, not looking to bad. we will break it down. it's a big week. i know you have lots of plans. we start out on monday the temperature coming in around 61 degrees. still mild as we head into tuesday we have that chance for
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showers in the forecast. we will be around 66 degrees, yes as we head into november. we are definitely dealing that. it's getting closer to december. in to the middle of the week the temperature around 54. the temperatures dropping off a bit because that cold front would have pushed through. around 54. we will be dry. that's good news for all you travelers. into turkey day the temperature around 52. showers in the forecast. we will have the clouds and then by friday around 53 the showers could last but mainly in the morning time and then by saturday and sunday that's when we get the cold blast and it's going it be very windy with the temperatures in the mid40s. make sure you bundle up. back to you. >> all right. thank you. just a click will do but will it do it for you? how you don't need to even go out on black friday. you can shop in just minutes and how much money do you think harry potter made this weekend?
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♪ five ninety nine ♪ four sixty five, three fifty, two twenty five ♪ . what do you think will be the hottest gift to give this season? how about virtual gift cards in how they work and the pit falls. >> reporter: shannon is a busy single working mother of two with no time to hit the stores. she makes gift shopping cyber easy and sends virtual gift cards. >> they are great for people like myself that are always on the go. >> reporter: she logs onto the number of stores offering online gift cards, picks what she wants to spend, enters her credit card information, the receiver's name and e-mail address and poof it's done. >> buying a virtual gift card is very easy. >> reporter: industry experts
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say they are the hottest trend in shopping and social networking. many stores giving them away to web customers who visit their facebook and online fan pages. >> retailers see a huge possibility in the use of virtual gift cards to attract new customers and to reward loyal customers. >> reporter: they can be spent online immediately. some businesses let you print it out and spend it at the store. other retailers say they have an app for that. check this out. you can save some gift card codes to your mobile phone and have the cashier scan it. >> as mobile technology is advancing so very quickly more and more retailers are adopting the use of virtual cards. >> reporter: there are some pit falls. shannon received one once, thought it was spam and deleted it. >> it was frustrating. >> reporter: she and her gift giver had to bat well the
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retailer to get it reissued. spam filters can be a real problem. >> if e-mail doesn't arrive its like you -- the gift hasn't arrived. >> reporter: consumers union suggest giving their receiver a heads up you sent them the online gift card so it's not virtual junk mail. other information, cyber gift cards are regulated just like plastic ones under federal law. that means they can expire after five-years. you can't be charged dormancy fees if it's used once ever 12 months, if the store goes out of business you could be out of luck. >> you are in the back of the line in the court and you may not get your money back. >> reporter: always read the terms and conditions before you buy the card to know what the deals are. even shannon said she will be logging onto shop again this holiday season. >> they are perfect for
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sending and receiving, great for people who are home bound, they can just log on and send one that way. >> reporter: if you loose your card code or printout call the retailer. it may be able to reissue you a new one with the value remaining on it at the time you reported it missing. kelley swoop. >> you just watched the emmy . ♪ [ music ] they hit the stage at the american music awards. taylor swift one of the early winners with the prize for favorite country female. black eyed peas, justin bieber artivists of the year. we have work and school
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tomorrow. here is our city as we get ready to go to bid and enjoy another week.
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new york harry potter. not only did it finish first in the domestic box office but with overseas guess? >> 100,000.
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100million? >> $125.1 million. you believe that? it broke the franchise's record that it set previously. mega mind fell to number two. there you go. harry potter. >> we have the full moon tonight and when you wake up tomorrow we will have the fog. >> no. >> we will have a little bit of sun into time. we will have a temperature nice at mild into 61 degrees. have the low beam on. >> great holiday. let's make it a safe week. we will start it right now. have a great week. the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we out, be aware, of the power ey in new york and new england, there's
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en my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore, it was up to me to support our family.
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karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job, it should be my choice. don't let washington get in the way.
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